AI-enabled Cell Culture Media Database Platform



AlfaMedX® is a cell culture media development platform independently developed by Great Bay Bio. By using AI algorithms, such as machine deep learning and transfer learning, AlfaMedX® builds media formulations on prediction model, and develops customized media for mammalian cell culture, stem cell culture and cultivated meat etc., substantially reducing development time and cost.

Powerful AI Algorithm

Cell Culture Media Development

Improved cell line growth kinetics, and the protein expression improves by more than 30% compared to commercial media
Good protein quality such as glycan profile, charge heterogeneity, etc.
High stability and easy to store
Simple composition and and quality assurance

Why Choose AlfaMedX® Platform?

Rapid adaptation to catalog culture media

3000+ Cell culture media formulation
Tests to obtain superior media

Rapid optimization of culture media

50%-200% increased antibody expression
From 5 g/L to 10 g/L:CHO K1 protein expression
From 7.8 g/L to 10 g/LCHO GS protein expression

Strategic Partnership Models

    Culture media supply service
    GBB provides liquid and powdered culture media to customers, including growth media, feed media, perfusion culture media, stem cell growth culture media, differentiation culture media, cultured meat production media, etc.
    Culture media formulation development service
    GBB provides customized development service for CHO cells, muscle stem cells, adipose stem cells, etc.
    Culture media formulation transfer service
    GBB provides customized culture media formulations and transfer formulations to customers.
    Strategic cooperation
    GBB establishes strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign culture media companies to jointly promote the culture media business.