The platform has entered into business partnerships with many pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.
Great Bay Bio attaches great importance to the frequently asked questions by clients

Using big data mining techniques, AI algorithms such as machine deep learning and transfer learning are used to construct the culture media formulation prediction model.

Process Flow


Platform Introduction

AlfaMedX is a media development platform for Great Bay Bio, which allows us to develop customized media for our customers in a short period of time, reducing development time and cost.

By utilizing the characteristics of AI technology, we are able to significantly shorten the culture media development cycle and quickly provide clients with quality culture media.

Platform Value


The platform implements a one-stop business model for developing cell culture media, and is open to a variety of cooperation methods to meet clients’ needs.

Business Model


Provide one-stop services for media production, medium formula licensing and cell line development

During the services, a zero-risk business model is adopted




Zero-risk Business Model

  • Customers needn’t provide

    detail information of cell lines

    Information secrecy

  • Customize cell media to meet specific needs of customers

    Technical edge

  • With pay-after-satisfaction model

    customers can fully enjoy the service

    Flexible payment

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does it take to develop the cell medium?


A: Usually 2 to 3 months after receiving the cell line.




Q. What information should customers provide?


A: To develop the media, customers should provide information about cell line types (such as CHO, Vero137, and HEK293, etc.) and the used media for cell culture.




Q. What’s the advantage of AlfaMedX?


A: Based on deep learning of AI technologies, AlfaMedX can develop high-quality media in a short time with few experiment data. 

    Compared with traditional methods, it can significantly cut development time.




Q. What’s the service model of AlfaMedX?


A: The platform can provide customers with customized medium products or medium formulations, including formulation ingredients and preparation methods, etc.


Independently developed by Great Bay Bio, AlfaMedX is a biotechnology service platform for cell media development. Combining AI technology, big data and biomedicine, it constructs a biological data model to calculate the ratio of medium components, pH value, osmotic pressure, intermediate parameters, etc. It is able to develop high-quality customized media within a short time.


Empowered by AI technology, AlfaMedX can greatly shorten the development cycle and customize high-quality media for high-yield cells. Meanwhile, a variety of services are available and the zero-risk business model can address customers' concerns.

Platform Value

Develop better media with less experiments

Significantly shorten development time


Customized media formulation

Improve cell expression


Provide cell media or medium formula

Ensure the supply chain