Dr. Wang Yi from School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University Joins Great Bay Bio as Strategic Consultant

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                                                            February 10th,2020 Press Release

Dr. Wang Yi from School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University Joins Great Bay Bio as Strategic Consultant


[2020/2/10, Dongguan] Recently, Dr. Wang Yi (Associate Professor) from Tsinghua University joins the 3D consultation committee of Great Bay Bio. Dr. Michael Chen, the CEO of Great Bay Bio, said that having Dr. Wang in the consultation committee would great promote our biologics development, commercialization of AI Bio platform, and strategic planning. 


Dr. Wang is the Associate Professor of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy of Tsinghua SEM, doctoral tutor, Deputy Director of Research Center for Technological Innovation of Tsinghua University, the Director of Chinese Society of Technology Economics, the Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary General of the Incubation & Innovation Environment Sub-committee of Chinese Society of Technology Economics, the Deputy Secretary General of Enterprise Technology Innovation Committee in the China Enterprise Confederation, the Committee Member of the National Enterprise Management Modernization & Innovation Review Committee.


In 1996, he studied for Ph.D. under the supervision of academician Xu Qingrui in Zhejiang University. Later, he became a visiting scholar of Stanford Graduate School of Business (2005) and MIT Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (2012). His visiting to MIT Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (2013-2014) was funded by Fulbright Senior Visiting Scholar Project of the U.S. government. Dr. Wang’s researches cover management of enterprise technological innovation, which is highly recognized by his peers. He is a highly cited editor in CNKI and was listed as one of the 32 most productive authors of “Studies on Management in China” from 2001 to 2011. He has published many books and textbooks, including Management of Technological Innovation (Third Edition), Innovation Capabilities of China’s Leading Companies, and Corporate Core Capabilities and Technological Innovation Strategy. He has taught Ph.D., MBA and bachelor students such courses as Management of Technological Innovation, Innovation Management, Innovation and Change, Entrepreneurial Management, Business Plan, Decision-making of Project Investment and Finance, Engineering Economics, and Organization, Environment and Competitive Advantage. He also provides consultation on technology innovation management for huge enterprises like CRRC, CASC, AVIC and Midea.


About Great Bay Bio 


Headquartered in Hong Kong, Great Bay Bio (GBB) is a high-tech enterprise developing biologics with AI technologies. Since its foundation, it has been committed to biotech and biologics development. It has founded Dongguan Taili Biotech Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Taili Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. Investing more than RMB 300 million, the company has successfully established the independent and integrated technology platform for drug R&D and large-scale preparation. Through customized CMC packaging services, it has successfully helped several products reach NDA stage, some of which are national class I new drugs.

GBB positions itself as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), applying AI technology to CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) platform for drug development, which targets the drawbacks of drug development including long timeline and high costs, and solves them with the AI+CMC model. Based on massive datum obtained from conventional biologics development, CMC platform can build models and conduct AI analyses. Integrating AI and biotechnology, it can overcome hurdles in biologics development and greatly reduce the time and costs so as to provide much cheaper, efficient and high-quality drug development service for the clients, and also bring much economical drug to the society.

GBB has been recognized as the Patent Incubation Company, Patent Pilot Company, National High-tech Company, Dongguan New Research Institution, Guangdong Top Ten Foreign R&D Center, Guangdong R&D Center of Genetic Engineering Medicine and Engineering, and Guangdong Doctoral Workstation. Since 2006, it has undertaken a number of government projects. More than RMB 20 million has been received from the government to support its provincial and national projects, such as Guangdong-Hong Kong Key Breakthrough Project and National Major New Drug Projects.

The CMC platform has an area of over 3100 m2 and a whole set of advanced biopharmaceutical R&D equipment. The key equipment has been purchased from world-renowned manufacturers such as Sartorius, Bio-Rad, GE Healthcare, and Waters. The pilot workshop is designed strictly in accordance with cGMP requirements, mainly at the C level and some even at the A level.



For more details, please visit:www.greatbay-bio.com

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