Great Bay Bio Cooperated with Boji Medical to Jointly Develop A Long-acting Biologics, the New Anti-anemia Injection

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                                                            October 12th,2019 Press Release

 Great Bay Bio Cooperated with Boji Medical to Jointly Develop A Long-acting Biologics, the New Anti-anemia Injection


[2019/10/12 - Dongguan] On Oct. 12th, Great Bay Bio, a leading AI biotech company dedicated to big data-driven CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) development, announces that a strategic cooperation was reached with Guangzhou Boji Medical Biotechnological Co., Ltd. (Boji Medical) to jointly develop GBB101, a new long-acting injectable biologics for the treatment of anemia caused by Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). A new joint venture has been founded to carry out the R&D work and share the R&D achievements, including IPR and other R&D rights and interests. As one of the leading enterprises of clinical and pharmaceutical R&D services in China, Boji Medical will be responsible for the clinical phase I study. Through the cooperation, the two companies will not only share the project risks and returns, but will also lay a solid foundation for further collaborations.


Left is Dr. Chen Liang, the Co-founder & CEO of GBB


Right is Dr. Wang Jianhua, the Deputy General Manager & COO of Boji Medical

GBB101 is expected to be one of the first long-acting anti-anemia products launched by a domestic company in China. The trial will be carried out in many grade-A tertiary hospitals across Chinese mainland, where many top experts has been engaged to fully verify the clinical efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of the product. We believe that the cooperation results will stand out in the market, lead the R&D of most similar products, and provide an advanced anti-anemic solution to doctors and patients all over the world.


Dr. Michael Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Great Bay Bio, said: "It is very glad to cooperate with Boji Medical. After detailed researches and discussions, we decided to launch GBB101 with Boji Medical, which will lay a solid foundation for our future clinical trials. I believe a good business model is vital to the product, which could bring win-win to both sides, but ensure the success operation of clinical trials and high-quality yields.” Dr. Wang jianhua, the Deputy General Manager and COO of Boji Medical (also the 1st President of Australian Chinese Medical Exchange Society, New Drug Development Executive Director of WuXi AppTec), said: “GBB is leading the whole industry in terms of its R&D directions. It owns an inestimable future. We’re looking forward to strengthening cooperation and achieving mutual development.”


About GBB101

GBB101 is a long-acting biologics against anemia caused by renal dysfunction. Some patients with blood diseases caused by hyperostosis syndrome or cancer also need to take similar drugs. In recent years, more and more people in China have the chronic kidney disease. Statistics show that about 130 million Chinese people are diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases and renal anemia is the most common complication. At present, other drugs on the Chinese market are in general dosage forms and there are no long-acting products. Therefore, GBB101 would fill the market blank and meet the patients’ needs. Wu Xuebin, chief physician of the Department of Hematology from Beijing Shijitan Hospital, introduced that the half-life of ordinary subcutaneous injections is about 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, in order to ensure the therapeutic effect, patients must have injections three times a week. While the half-life of GBB101 is 2 to 3 times longer and injections are needed once a week or even once every two weeks, which is more convenient for the patients.


Brief Introduction to Boji Medical

CRO, providing one-stop service for new drug & medical device

Guangzhou Boji Medical and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (known as Boji biomedicals with the stock code of 300404) was founded in 2002 and listed on Shenzhen GEM in 2015. Boji is a new high-tech enterprise (CRO+CDMO) that provides one-stop service for domestic and abroad pharmaceutical enterprises, such as the R&D of drugs, medical devices and health products. Headquartered in the wisdom city of Tianhe District in Guangzhou, the company has gathered nearly 800 biomedical R&D talents and registered legislative experts with an area of nearly 51000 square meters. The company owns 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries with different business and more than 10 holding and shareholding companies.


About Great Bay Bio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, GBB is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) for development of biopharmaceuticals and other blue ocean bio-products (such as cell therapy), ultimately solving numerous pain points of CMC development, including high failure rates, long development timeline and high costs. Since the company’s establishment, it has obtained massive data from conventional biologics development in its 3100 m2 CMC facilities in Dongguan, PRC. With over RMB 300M investment, the facilities bolster advance equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. GBB has also successfully brought a number of biologic products to NDA stage, some of which are classified as national class I innovative drugs. Currently, the company has created the intelligent centralized database, where deep learning is being performed to create next generation AI-enabled CMC platforms. To learn more, please visit


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