Discussion between Great Bay Bio and Peng Cheng Laboratory

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September 18th,2019 Press Release


Discussion held between Great Bay Bio and Peng Cheng Laboratory 


[Sep. 18th, 2019 – Shen Zhen] On Sep. 18th, discussion between Great Bay Bio and Peng Cheng Laboratory was successfully held in Shenzhen. Attendees of the discussion include Mr. Kingsley Leung (GBB Chairman), Dr. Chen Liang (GBB CEO), other GBB executives, Mr. Zou Peng (Executive Deputy Director of Peng Cheng Lab), Dr. Tian Li (Responsible Person for R&D Department of Peng Cheng Laboratory), and Mr. Liu Ming (Responsible Person for the Operation of New AI Tech Strategic Alliance and Open Intelligence Platform).


Before the discussion, Dr. Tian Li briefly introduced to GBB visitors several big projects of Peng Cheng Laboratory such as AI and Great Bay Area network development and showed them around. The establishment of Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) is a strategic deployment introduced by the Guangdong Provincial Government to implement President Xi Jinping's important instructions on the development of Guangdong Province. It aims at developing a new round of innovation-driven economy and establishing a “strong candidate” for the National Laboratory initiatives to build an innovative Guangdong. It is also a critical investment of Shenzhen municipal government to continue its pioneering exploration of socialist modernization in Shenzhen. At present, the laboratory has 21 academicians of the national academy of engineering.



During the discussion, Mr. Liu Ming and Dr. Chen Liang thoroughly introduced their own platforms. Mr. Zou said, according to the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on Supporting Shenzhen to Build the First Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the government would supports Shenzhen to develop 5G network, AI tech, cyberspace science and technology, bioinformatics, biomedical laboratory, to try building international technology information center and medicine academy with new mechanism. GBB, a combining biomedicine and AI, has met the government policies and development trends. So, he was very glad to see GBB joining Peng Cheng Laboratory. Mr. Kingsley Leung, GBB Chairman, said he was excited to have deep collaboration with Peng Cheng Laboratory and believed that with the strong R&D capability and advanced platform of Peng Cheng Laboratory, both sides can have breakthroughs in their future development. Both parties agree to make further exchanges and this discussion have laid solid foundation for their potential collaboration.




About Great Bay Bio 


Headquartered in Hong Kong, Great Bay Bio (GBB) is a high-tech enterprise developing biologics with AI technologies. Since its foundation, it has been committed to biotech and biologics development. It has founded Dongguan Taili Biotech Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Taili Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. Investing more than RMB 300 million, the company has successfully established the independent and integrated technology platform for drug R&D and large-scale preparation. Through customized CMC packaging services, it has successfully helped several products reach NDA stage, some of which are national class I new drugs.

GBB positions itself as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), applying AI technology to CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) platform for drug development, which targets the drawbacks of drug development including long timeline and high costs, and solves them with the AI+CMC model. Based on massive datum obtained from conventional biologics development, CMC platform can build models and conduct AI analyses. Integrating AI and biotechnology, it can overcome hurdles in biologics development and greatly reduce the time and costs so as to provide much cheaper, efficient and high-quality drug development service for the clients, and also bring much economical drug to the society.

GBB has been recognized as the Patent Incubation Company, Patent Pilot Company, National High-tech Company, Dongguan New Research Institution, Guangdong Top Ten Foreign R&D Center, Guangdong R&D Center of Genetic Engineering Medicine and Engineering, and Guangdong Doctoral Workstation. Since 2006, it has undertaken a number of government projects. More than RMB 20 million has been received from the government to support its provincial and national projects, such as Guangdong-Hong Kong Key Breakthrough Project and National Major New Drug Projects.

The CMC platform has an area of over 3100 m2 and a whole set of advanced biopharmaceutical R&D equipment. The key equipment has been purchased from world-renowned manufacturers such as Sartorius, Bio-Rad, GE Healthcare, and Waters. The pilot workshop is designed strictly in accordance with cGMP requirements, mainly at the C level and some even at the A level.



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