Great Bay Bio Established its Advisory Board with Two Industrial Leaders

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August 12th,2019 Press Release


Great Bay Bio Established its Advisory Board with Two Industrial Leaders


[August 12, 2019-Hong Kong] Great Bay Bio, an AI biotechnology company dedicated to big data-driven CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls) and biologics R&D, established its 3D Advisory Board. The Board felt honored to have two industrial elites-Dr. Su Jing and Mr. Wang Yiran join in. They will work together with the Board to provide advice to the senior management team on strategic positioning, product portfolio composition, technical troubleshooting, and general management, etc. More importantly, this 3D Advisory Board will introduce a series of forward-looking concepts from business, scientific research and technology, and offer new and efficient solutions about marketing. The 3D Advisory Board is vital to the company's value positioning. Breakthroughs will be achieved by combining business forecast, scientific research, and technology. At present, the company is forming three independent subcommittees (for business, science and technology), which will lay a solid foundation for the company’s development and ultimately achieve its business mission to make global biologics development easier.

Brief Introduction to Members of the 3D Advisory Board

Dr. Su Jing, member of the science sub-committee. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in new drugs R&D, management and operation. Right now, she is the President and Head of Novo Nordisk Research Center in China. She once led the establishment of Novo Nordisk's new biopharmaceutical R&D department in China and became the head of the department and vice president of global R&D. She is the former Chief Operating Officer of GlaxoSmithKline R&D Center in China and has established a world-leading platform for identifying new drug targets and therapeutic candidates. She is the bachelor of medicine from Peking University Health Science Center, master of BiMBA Business School of Peking University, and Ph.D. of pharmacology from New York University Langone Medical Center.

Mr. Wang Yiran, member of the business sub-committee. Mr. Wang works for a world-renowned venture capital funds as the vice president of investment of an investment advisory agency, responsible for the investment business of Greater China. As an entrepreneur, engineer and investor, he has accumulated multinational working experience in Beijing and San Francisco Bay Area. He is the bachelor of electrical engineering from Peking University, master of electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, and MBA of Harvard University.

When it comes to the establishment of the 3D Advisory Committee and the joining of two industry elites, Mr. Kingsley Leung, Chairman and Co-founder of Great Bay Bio, said: "The joining of Dr. Su Jing and Mr. Wang Yiran is critical to GBB’s development. We feel fortunate and honored to have these two outstanding and talented collaborators join our advisory board. I would like to say that GBB’s strategy is to create a cutting-edge innovative idea, the reconstruction-based innovation. It should not be the simple formal innovation, just breaking the traditional mindsets. It should be the re-fusion of innovations to form a creative system which caters to the new environment and meets customers’ needs. In fact, many current innovations are reconstruction-based ones, such as the first smartphone. Combining previous innovations of different fields and disciplines, the smartphone becomes the device which can change the world. We believe that the best innovation comes from cooperation between people with different backgrounds and expertise, that’s why we established our advisory board. We should cut the high cost of traditional CMC researches, which proves to be quite difficult. We believe that restructuring innovation will be our best choice."


About Great Bay Bio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, GBB is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) for development of biopharmaceuticals and other blue ocean bio-products (such as cell therapy), ultimately solving numerous pain points of CMC development, including high failure rates, long development timeline and high costs. Since the company’s establishment, it has obtained massive data from conventional biologics development in its 3100 m2 CMC facilities in Dongguan, PRC. With over RMB 300M investment, the facilities bolster advance equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. GBB has also successfully brought a number of biologic products to NDA stage, some of which are classified as national class I innovative drugs. Currently, the company has created the intelligent centralized database, where deep learning is being performed to create next generation AI-enabled CMC platforms. To learn more, please visit


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