The 2020 Online Annual Gathering of Great Bay Bio

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January 26th,2021 Press Release


The 2020 Online Annual Gathering of Great Bay Bio


[2021/1/26, Dongguan]On January 22nd, after changing its group travel plan to an online annual gathering, the Great Bay Bio Family celebrated the past year’s achievement in a special way.

Signing in online


Review 2020, look forward to 2021

The theme of the annual gathering was "Breaking the waves and sailing away from the sea". Through the video, we reviewed the development history of Great Bay Bio in the extraordinary year of 2020, focusing on epidemic prevention with one hand and resumption of work with the other.

2020 Year in Review Video


The chairman delivered a speech online in Hong Kong, affirming the perseverance and dedication of all staff, and advocating that colleagues of Great Bay Bio should be vigilant in times of peace, stay alert, focus on building a benign business closed loop, break the waves and sail straight to the sea in the complex and changing environment, and create further successes!

Speech Given by the Chairman


CEO Dr. Michael Chen delivered a speech with the theme of "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", summarizing the past development, present situation and future outlook of Great Bay Bio, emphasizing that our staff should put the market and products in the first place, be customer-oriented and improve service quality.

Speech Given by CEO


Highlight Moment, Gratitude to Dedication

In the extraordinary year of 2020, the family members of Great Bay Bio have been in the same boat and overcome the difficulties together. The President's Innovative Newcomer Award, Blue Whale Award, and Great Bay Ten-Year Loyalty and Dedication Award were presented at the annual meeting to commend the dedicated people who are willing to devote themselves to their work.

Toasting Ceremon






An Audio and Visual Feast with Lots of Red Envelopes

The show of this online gathering was recorded in a simple way but we certainly were having such a great time. The company has set up six major prizes, and added extra BOSS and CEO awards, the red envelopes in the company Wechat group also kept popping up till midnight! 

Opening Dance




Solo Singing




Funny Video Filmed by the Marketing Team









Eight Prizes


Red Envelopes Bombing


The big wave is coming, and the new challenge arises in 2021. At this moment, all the colleagues of Great Bay Bio should stay alert, break the waves, sail straight to the sea and create another success!


About Great Bay Bio

Great Bay Bio Holdings Limited (GBB for short), headquartered in HKSAR, China, is a biotech company with an ultimate goal of developing innovative biomedical products based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. We will also apply AI technology to blue ocean markets such as cell therapy, molecular diagnosis and clinical diagnosis.

Our vision is to make global biologics development simpler and more efficient. And we are ambitious to be a tider of the time to do what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. To this end, we capitalize on AI and big data technology to empower biopharmaceutical development by establishing four intelligent technical platforms, which figure prominently in making drug development faster, more cost-effective and lower-risk. 

We have three subsidiaries currently, which are all based in PRC, and an international office in the US is in the pipeline. Our major business office is Dongguan Taili Biotech Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2002 and nestles at a R&D laboratory building with more than 3000 m². Besides, it boasts experienced talents with specific expertise and is equipped with a series of cutting-edge supporting equipment designed for CMC R&D, with which our innovation-driven competiveness can be improved and our customers can be better served.



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