Congratulations! Great Bay Bio was awarded as a high-tech enterprise again

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December 24th,2020 Press Release


Congratulations! Great Bay Bio was awarded as a high-tech enterprise again

[2020/12/3, Dongguan]Recently, Dongguan Taili Biotech Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Great Bay Bio, was awarded as High-tech Enterprise again.

“High-tech enterprise” is a national honor, which refers to the enterprise that continuously carries out research and development and transformation of technical achievements within the "High-tech fields supported by the State", forms the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carries out business activities based on this, and transforms significant high-tech achievements into productivity at a technical level that is domestic leading or international advanced, and is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entity. High and new technology enterprises are re-identified every three years, and following the identification in 2017, Great Bay Bio was again recognized as a high-tech enterprise.


Great Bay Bio always insists on innovation-driven R&D as its core competitiveness, and applies artificially intelligent biotechnology to cell therapy, molecular diagnostics, clinical diagnostics and other blue ocean markets to make drug development faster, less costly and less risky. The continuous award of high-tech enterprise is the affirmation and praise of the relevant departments and people from all walks of life to the technological innovation ability, high-end technology openness and innovation consciousness of Great Bay Bio, which further highlights the advantages of Great Bay Bio as a strategic new backbone enterprise with high technology and high growth supported by the state, which will further enhance the brand image of the enterprise, increase the market share of the products, and it has laid a solid foundation for further enhancing the brand image of the enterprise, improving the market share of products, capital value, and enjoying the preferential policies of tax relief for high-tech enterprises.


About Great Bay Bio


Headquartered in Hong Kong, Great Bay Bio is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of artificially intelligent biotechnology and biopharmaceutical products. Its subsidiaries, Dongguan Taili Biotech Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Taili Biomedical Co., Ltd. have invested more than RMB 300 million in R&D equipment and have successfully established an independent and integrated technology platform for drug development and large-scale preparation.


The company has been honored as “Patent Fostering Enterprise”, “Patent Pilot Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Dongguan City New Type R&D Institution”, and “Top Ten Foreign-funded R&D Center of Guangdong Province”, “Guangdong Provincial Gene Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center”, “Guangdong Provincial Doctoral Workstation”, etc. Since 2006, the company has undertaken a number of government projects and received funding from provincial and national governments for a number of projects, including the "Key Breakthrough Project in Key Areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong" and the "National Major New Drug Discovery Project".



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