• Klone4.0 is a cell line development platform developed by Dawan Bio, which enables intelligent application of cell line construction through AI and precise cell selection technology.

    Platform Introduction


    Process Flow

    Clonality in 4hours

    Making cell line development easier and more efficient

  • MORE

    ·  High-yield cell lines

    ·  3 to 5 times cell line candidates

    ·  Stability prediction

    Platform Value


    The platform has entered into business partnerships with many pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.

    Great Bay Bio attaches great importance to the frequently asked questions by clients


    One-stop Service

    Customers experience the full value of the platform


    Business Model

Process Flow

  • One-stop Service

    One-stop service includes single cell screening, high expression cell extraction, expansion, stability prediction, and the delivery of the target cell banks and relevant files.

  • Customer Cloud Service

    The customer cloud service provides customers with real-time image scanning and image analysis, locates and selects target cells in a short period of time.


  • Pay after Service

          In the initial stage, customers can pay after service without any risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take for Klone4.0 to develop the monoclonal cell line?


A:If customers provide cell pool, it takes1.5 months;

      If customers provide sequence, 2.5 months is needed.




Q. Is the monoclonal yield of Klone4.0 higher than that of traditional methods?


A:Compared with traditional methods, Klone4.0 can select far more cells. Therefore, it’s more likely to obtain high-yield monoclone,

      an edge of Klone4.0. Meanwhile productivity is determined by various factors such as cell line type, product type, and operating methods.




Q. Will the cells displace during the high-throughput photographing?

A:It has been proved that the cell position can remain unchanged, which can meet the experiment requirements.




Q. Will selecting technologies damage the cells?


A:Experiments have showed that the technologies won’t damage any cells and the monoclonal formation rate is equivalent to that of traditional technologies.




Q. How to determine monoclonality?


A:Klone4.0 platform uses high-throughput photographing technologies to verify the monoclonality.




Q. Does Klone 4.0 have independent intellectual property rights?


A:The key technologies involved are all independently developed by GBB. We have a sound intellectual property matrix and IP layouts at home and abroad.




Q. How to authorize the vector cell line?


A:Cell lines provided by customers needn’t be authorized any more. If customers prefer to use the contracted cell lines of Klone4.0,

      the license fee shall be calculated separately.


Featured with fast, simple, cheap and efficient, Klone4.0 not only avoids blindness of traditional drug research and development, but also significantly reduces lots of repetitive work and improves the success rate of screening. At present, Klone4.0 includes one-stop services and customer cloud services. In its initial stage, customers can pay after they are satisfied with the services.

Developed by Great Bay Bio, Klone4.0 is a biotechnological service platform focusing on cell line development. It can select hundreds of thousands of cells at one time, obtain cell images, and quickly analyze and locate high-yield cells through AI technology and unique cell selecting technology. Obtain high-yield and high-quality cell lines in 4 hours, realizing the intelligent cell line construction.




Platform value

Be able to obtain monoclones in 4 hours















4 小时单克隆化

80% reduction in development time


Total development time about 1.5~2 months


High yield

More cell line candidates

High yield

Much higher yield than the traditional way
Obtain high-expression single cells in a short time

Stability Prediction

Pioneering in the industry
Predict the cell line stability ahead of culturing