Our Company develop mammalian eukaryotic cell expression system based on CHO cell, for manufacturing recombinant protein and antibody.

Comparing with other expression system, we have advantages stated below:

        1.       With accurate post-transcription modification, expression protein is most alike to natural protein referring to molecule structure, 

               physicochemical property and biological property.

        2.       CHO cell is fibroblast, which allows adherent and suspension growth, and is with higher tolerance to sheer and osmotic pressure

        3.       To have high amplification and expression for recombinant DNA, and stable integration of exogenous protein

        4.       To have exocytosis function, and rarely secret own endogenous protein, so to be convenient for separation and purification for downstream product

        5.       To achieve high density culture with suspension culture or non-serum medium, and culture volume could be up to above 1000L, which enable large scale production